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Since our establishment, Commonwealth Care of Roanoke has been committed to creating a culture of excellence, a dedication that extends across all of our centers.

two women and an elderly man in a wheelchair strolling through the park

Creating a culture of excellence

Over the years, we’ve come to recognize that good policies and processes are important–but that our caring, compassionate, and responsive staff is what truly distinguishes us as an organization. That's why we hold the members of our team to the highest standards.

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The Service Excellence Initiative

The healthcare industry is a rapidly-changing one, with new advancements and discoveries happening all the time.

The Service Excellence Initiative keeps us in touch with the most recent progressions in the healthcare industry, but it also helps us create a culture of support and excellence that enables our employees to provide the best, most compassionate care possible.

To us, there’s nothing more important than the happiness and well-being of our patients and residents. Our compassionate, responsive care model and our dedicated staff is what makes us a leader in rehabilitation and elder care.

Our Community

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Each of our 12 centers is committed to serving our patients and residents–and part of that commitment involves being a trusted, active, and reliable partner in our communities. Our compassionate, patient-focused approach not only welcomes our neighbors in need, but also contributes to a healthier community.

In addition to innovative and accessible care options, we provide reliable employment opportunities and educational outreach to the communities we serve. By integrating with the communities around us, we are able to create a strong sense of place–of home–for those entrusted in our care.