February 8, 2023

Resident Spotlight: James “Buddy” Mitchell

  • Abingdon Health & Rehab Center

Mr. Buddy Mitchell has been a resident of the Abingdon Health & Rehab Center multiple times, with this time being his longest stay. He first heard of the facility when it was recommended to him by his surgeon in Johnson City after he underwent wrist surgery. Buddy says his experience at Abingdon Health & Rehab has been “absolutely excellent”. He is going to miss his favorite nurses and certified nurse’s assistants at the facility. In his nearly four months at the facility, he has made quite an impact on the staff and other residents. One of his favorite memories was being Santa Claus for the facility and giving out presents and Hershey kisses to residents.

Buddy was born and raised here in Abingdon, Virginia. As he started to excel in sports in high school, he was offered a baseball scholarship to the University of Kentucky. At Kentucky he studied Business Administration before getting a law degree at the University of Georgia. Buddy returned to Abingdon, Virginia in 1974 with his wife, Jeannie and raised their four children together. One of his favorite memories with his family was taking a cross-country trip so that his children could see the Pacific Ocean. On their way, they stopped in Montana to see Mount Rushmore, which was the highlight of the trip for Buddy.

We are going to miss Mr. Buddy here at Abingdon Health & Rehab Center but we wish him well as he returns home!

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