Internet Safety/Fraud Protection Education in June

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This month, we’re providing you with tips on internet safety and fraud protection.


Cyber crooks also infect your computer with malicious stuff like spyware–software designed to watch your every move, and adware that buries you with pop-up ads. One in eight American Internet users had a major spyware infection costing an average of $100 to repair.


Phishing is even worse than spam. Phishing is when crooks send fake emails that scare you into giving them private information, credit card numbers and online passwords, for example, then use that information to steal from you. Get smart. Call your bank, credit card company or service provider.

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1. Keep the computer system up to date.
2. Choose a strong password and protect it.
3. Install or update your antivirus software.
4. Protect your personal information.
5. If it seems too good to be true, it is.
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